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Welcome. This page is intended for folk that already know of my work and would like to stay connected with the whole of it.

You may have entered via Living Design Process, Holistic Decision Making, Making Permaculture Stronger, Very Edible Gardens, the Reading Landscape Film Project or some other project I helped bring forth and continue to evolve.

These projects are all partial expressions of the vocation that my path has revealed to me.

A vocation where relentless exploration generates and evolves portals or vehicles that myself and interested others engage on the long journey back home to life.

A vocation where my cutting edge is holding alive, emergent and bullshit-free spaces where real evolution is on the table and fear is being transformed into magic.

For now, the main role of this site is to host my personal newsletter, which periodically shares notes from my growing tips and the fields in which I’m playing. There is also a page on my core approaches and inspirations you can check out here.

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We are currently (July through September 2022) crowdfunding the completion of the Making Permaculture Stronger Book. Here’s the campaign vid:

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Drop me a line if you’re curious to explore whether there might be a beautiful fit between what I bring and what would light up the next steps on your path (and, preferably, vice versa).