Dan Palmer

Resource (in the sense of re-turning people to themselves as a source of their own evolution)

Educator (in the sense of drawing out and developing what is already there)

Connector of hearts and minds from diverse domains


Conduit for Clarity, Love, Collaboration, and Aliveness

People call me Dan

Welcome to my personal website.


On Falling into the Unknown

As part of a training experience I am participating in, we have been practicing sourcing our speaking from the unknown. Here I am practicing writing

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Getting to Know Me

Here are a few dialogues either on my podcast or as a guest on those of others.


Here are a few video presentations of me sharing on topics I am passionate about


Holistic Decision Making
Making Permaculture Stronger
Living Design Process
Reading Landscape Film
Very Edible Gardens
Designing for Life


For upcoming online courses and workshops I am offering, please visit:




In addition to online courses on Holistic Decision Making and Living Design Process I also offer:

The Making Permaculture Stronger Developmental Community

Design resource and education for people developing landscapes

Resourcing your organisation on the path toward authentic regeneration

Resourcing your organisation with Holistic Decision Making 


I have been transformed by the works of:

David Holmgren, Bill Mollison and others on Permaculture

Christopher Alexander on Living Process

Carol Sanford on Living Systems Thinking

Clinton Callahan on Possibility Management

My Story

While I write something for this spot, here is a much earlier and partial version.

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